Saturday, September 11, 2010

Half a Year...A Whole Lotta Love!

My baby turns 6 months old today....where does the time go?

Warning: This blog entry will be a bit "gushy"...yes, I am going to wax poetic about my beautiful, amazing baby boy. Please bear with me, for I am one proud mama...

There are countless ways that Mason brings joy into my life every single day.

In the mornings, I can often hear him babbling to himself happily in his crib (as he waits for me to fetch him, change him and give him breakfast) and it makes me smile. When I pop into his room, bend down beside his crib, peer at him through the slats and greet him, he always gives me the biggest grin. Ahh, my baby is morning person, through and through, and he always starts his days off with a great little attitude.

He is such a little chatterbox now - and lately, his favourite thing to do has been to give "raspberries". He will carry on (what is in his mind) a full conversation with you - he babbles away, pauses to look at you for a response, and then continues. If he is keeping you company while you do some of the more mundane things in life (like cleaning the kitchen or folding laundry) and he feels that you aren't acknowledging his chatter, he will grunt at you and look at you expectantly. Then, when you take the time to respond, he will beam.

Mason is a pro at rolling all around the ground. And when he is on his tummy, you can tell that he is trying hard to move/crawl. It won't be long now when he'll be motoring around...can't wait to see that happen.

He giggles at the cutest things. Like when you say "Mmmm..." or "Boo!" At first, he'll give you a smile...and if you continue with those sounds, he will give you a full-on, full-bellied giggle, that always ends with a squeal! The best giggle that I get is when I nuzzle his soft little neck and shower him with kisses....and oh, how I love to do that...

Mason has a blankie. And he loves it. He will suck on it, rub his little eyes with it, and hug it tight when he is tired. He likes to drape it over himself when he is nursing, and it comforts him when he is crying. He is my little Linus. There are days when we have his blankies all over the house...and when my lovebug is napping, all is quiet, and I am tidying up the place, I love to find his blankies draped here, there and everywhere. I will often hold the found treasures up to my nose and inhale deeply - oh, I just love the smell of my baby...

Mason is an amazingly content, easy baby. He's been sleeping 7 hours through the night since he was 3.5 months old...I know that we are lucky. He knows his nights from his days and is so good with the schedule we have him on. I always feel terribly guilty if I have to stray from it (if, for example, I am having lunch with friends or there is a playdate arranged...) But he seems adaptable, and it doesn't take him long to get him back on track.

Mason has been healthy thus far (...knock on wood). I thank God everyday for blessing us with a happy, healthy child. We leave for the Mayan Riviera tomorrow morning (...speaking of getting him off-schedule...) and I am hoping that his strong immune system carries him through this vacation, incident free.

Happy 6 month birthday, Mason. For a little guy who's only been around for half a year, you sure have brought a whole lotta love into our lives. You have touched our lives and enriched it in ways that you cannot even begin to imagine. Baby, I love you all the way to the moon - and back again.