Sunday, July 20, 2008

Dreams Really Do Come True...

Sending out a great, big, congratulatory hug today to my "cyber-friend" CJDR, who has just received multiple BFPs on her hpts after her third IUI!! What a blessing this is for her and her husband - I know that she was beginning to feel defeated and so terribly discouraged. After an almost three year struggle, she is finally experiencing the happiness she deserves and her situation has helped to reinforce for me that dreams really do come true...

I find it so much easier to be happy for girls who find out they're pregnant after struggling with infertility. Is that an unbelievably crass, mean thing to say? I'm sorry if it is. It's just that for many of the girls that I have interacted with in these last two years who have become pregnant (and believe me, there were a TON...fourteen, to be exact...) the vast majority of them didn't need to try for more than 6 months, and a couple of them even got pregnant by accident! These are girls that can't relate to the struggle of a woman who has been trying for years. These are girls that give advice like "Relax and it will happen!" These are girls that don't know the heartache that I have felt time and time again.

But women who have faced the sorrow and despair of infertility know how precious that positive result is. These are women who have lived through the tests, the drugs and the injections. These are women who can truly relate to what I am going through, and whose advice I can accept because for them, it has been just as hard.

So when these women get pregnant, I shed tears - of joy, not of jealously or heartache.

CJ - I'm shedding some tears for you this morning. God bless you, your husband, and this tiny miracle you have finally been given.


Anonymous said...

Hey Springroll!!

I felt the same way. If a women who had experienced the same lows as I had with IF finally recieved her great news, I was crying along side her. But as many of my friends have proven, this is usually not the case and I still find it difficult to be excited. Its not a terrible way to think. It can't be helped after all the suffering we have seen. Others don't even know this world exists!

I feel terrible that you are left waiting yet one more month and your summer plans are not working out either. Infertility takes alot from us, but in the will be worth it!! I am SO excited for you to start your cycle and have fabulous results!

I think of you often. I cant wait to see that entry stating you have STARTED!!!


CJDR said...

Thank you SR. I couldn't even get though the first part of your post without bawling!!! Your a great friend. I agree with everything you have said.
And your right, the people who deal with IF are the ones who enjoy everything about it.
I know this is a sign of good things to come....for everyone. Your next, I have a good feeling about it!
Big hugs, and thanks for everything!! And like Babyobsessed said I check every day to see the post that says you have started your treatments!!!
Lots of love ~CJ