Sunday, November 15, 2009

Running the Half Marathon...

My sister ran a half-marathon today. While that may sound like an amazing feat to you or me, for her, it's par for course. She's a runner. She's run 10Ks, half-marathons and full marathons. She's participated in triathlons and run marathons in both Canadian and American cities. Her ultimate goal is to run a qualifying time for the Boston Marathon. I have always admired her focus and dedication - even when her body feels beat up and bruised. She has been my hero.

Today, I feel as though I have run my own half-marathon. You see, we are at 20 weeks today. Half-way there. And I guess you could say that I have shown the same sense of dedication and fortitude that my sister has - because I have also stayed the course. Ten years ago, I would never have thought that I would have it in me. Turns out I was wrong.

Our little baby boy is now very active - I feel him moving around in there everyday (is it a sign? He's going to be a little monkey, isn't he?) I am incredibly eager for my husband to feel him, too. It's such an amazing sensation and I am comforted by the tiny ripples that I feel inside my abdomen each day. I'm trying to learn what things will get him going - so far, sugar seems to be a big hit. I have my first appointment on Tuesday with my obstretician - the same lady who removed my polyp a year and a half ago. Great gal. Looking forward to getting some specs on how things are going with me - although my family physician is a great lady, she hasn't really done much these past two months other than weigh me, check my urine, and check my blood pressure. I am hoping that the OB will measure my tummy, check my cervix and do all of the other things that I deem to be "reassuring". I'm looking forward to the visit.

In other news, DH managed to snap up a diaper bag that I have coveted for quite some time - what a sweetie. Funny how the dumb little things can make a difference! I had purchased another one in Vegas on the weekend, but quite frankly it was a "settle purchase" and my husband knew that it was (I couldn't find the one that I really wanted to save my life!) So the other evening, he located and purchased the one that I wanted off of good old Ebay. What a guy!! Think I'll keep him.

I want to say hi to all of my cyber-friends that have hung in there with me and continue to read...know that I think about you all and thank God that you have been there to support me.



Kate said...

Congrats on 20 weeks! Your DH does sound pretty awesome - hope he gets rewarded by feeling the baby moving himself in the very near future.
I don't know how much faith I have in manual cervical checks. I feel mine twice a day when I'm tucking the progesterone up in there, and it feels very different (length, softness) each time I'm in there. Only way to _truly_ know what's going on is to get a good empty bladder transvaginal scan done. At least that's what I've found for me.

Jennielynn said...

Oh Springroll, I am so glad that you get to feel your little boy kick. That is such an awesome feeling!
Would the diaper bag happen to be the OiOi black and lime green one?
I LOVE mine and get so many compliments on it. Plus it is not too girly so my DH doesn't mind carrying it around.

Enjoy your special time!

Anonymous said...

Dear SR, you have no idea how much I admire you! You always keep a positive attitude, it makes everything around you so beautiful. You really inspired me. Although I had another failed IVF cycle, I will go for the next one in the Spring. Take care and enjoy shopping for your little guy.


Anonymous said...

SR- I'm glad you've come this far!!! I always check your blog for updates. Check out our blog @


CJDR said...

YAY 20 weeks!!!!! WOW! Time flies :) Isn't it so amazing when you can finally say my son. It makes it so real when you know what you having. This is the best time...I really miss it. And you deserve every second!

Mommytobe said...

So glad everything is going so well SR and that your DH found the diaper bag you really wanted. It must feel like such a big step to finally be moving onto an OB. :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats on 20 weeks! :D


Springroll said...

Hello, Dear Friends -
Thanks for the messages - I so love to hear from all of you...
Ali, I will definitely check out your blog!! Congratulations on your baby!!
Ange and Tanya - hope you are continuing to enjoy motherhood. Your babies are SO beautiful.
Turia and LittleCow - hang in there. I will continue to pray for you and I know one day that your every wish will be fulfilled!
Kate - how are you feeling? SO jealous of how tiny your bump is...I look like a house!
Jennielynn - SO nice to hear from you again! No, I gave away the OiOi to a girlfriend for her shower...found another one that I loved instead and thanks to DH, I have it!!
Sending you all hugs,

Fertility Clinic said...

Wishing you all happiness and a trouble free delivery. I can totally understand that nothing else gives you so much joy & happiness than the movement of your little one & how eagerly you are looking forward to the day when you will hold him in your arms.

God Bless.

Mommytobe said...

SR hope things are still going well for you and you are having fun getting things ready for your son :)


TAMARA said...

Springroll,I was so happy to come upon your blog this evening and read such wonderful news.Conrats on your sweet baby boy!!!a son wow,I'm very happy for you and dh.20 weeks of health and flutterbyes with movement sound absolutly amazing.You are an insiration my friend and I look forward to hearing the anouncement of your son.Happy holidays!!