Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I Love It...

So today's celebrity headline on the 'net proclaims: "Angelina Jolie has revealed that she can be a strict parent who rewards her kids for good behavior." Oh my God!!! This is late breaking news!!! Can it be?!? A woman actually rewarding her kids for good behaviour?!? And (gasp!) being strict?!? Say it isn't so!!

It just cracks me up that normal, everyday occurences can be magnified and sensationalized a million times over just because they involve celebrities. If I had to create headlines about myself, I think they would say:

"Springroll checks ovulation - pees on stick!"


"Another negative hpt - Springroll and Husband regroup"

Or possibly:

"A devastated Springroll deals with infertility"

Or hopefully:

"An ecstatic Springroll discovers she's pregnant!"

And I would wear large, mysterious sunglasses in all of the photos, with my long hair loose and flowing. Perhaps I would pose with one or two toddlers of multicultural descent, and wear a long, trendy caftan dress to hide the bump that may or may not be there...

Oh yeah. That's got front page of People Magazine written aaaalll over it...

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