Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Bad Girl!

Okay, I have been totally neglectful lately about this blog - I find that the days are zooming by and I can hardly catch my breath! After returning home from Hawaii, not one week passed by before I was getting ready to zip off to Vegas! Yes - I was in Sin City with my sister and my parents! My sister and I thought it would be fun to go there with my parents for their we left the hubbies at home (and she left her kiddies) and we spent a couple of crazy nights in the city of indulgence!

A good time was had by all - the weather was hot, the food was fantastic and the shopping was superb. My mom was very good at reminding me when it was time for my Suprefact, and because of her I was on time with my dosages every day (of course, now that my mom isn't around, I've been late a few times! Argh!) The trip reminded me of how special my family is - I love them so much. They have been so supportive through this whole IF thing - which has been so important to me, since DH and I haven't really told any of our friends about it. I am lucky to have them.

Update on the IVF cycle - okay, I am slightly worried about being late for the sniffing. It's happened a few times, and each time I freak out. Will it affect my cycle? Have I screwed up my chances? What if I'm not suppressed enough? I guess only time will tell - I'm going for my baseline ultrasound on Tuesday morning, and hope to get the green light for stims.

I have been debating back and forth over whether or not to return to acupuncture. The latest reports indicate that there is no conclusive evidence that acupuncture is helpful in an IVF cycle (read article here). I definitely know that it aids in relaxation, and I think that that definitely benefits implantation. But I tried acupuncture a year ago and it did not yield the results I had hoped for. Should I still believe in it and give it a try? I am so torn.

What do you think?


Liz said...

I don't know about the acupuncture but I like the thought that it helps relax you, b/c I can't think that's anything but good. I was also going to comment on yoru sometimes missing the four-hour window for the spray. Do you have a reminder program on your computer? Maybe you can set an alarm to help you remember! Just an idea.

Longing and hoping and doing all this s&^t to get that baby is just the pits, isn't it? And I don't have that many people to confide in -- the few I do talk to are treasured friends and their support always helps. In fact, my friend Erin (she just had her own baby the old-fashioned way -- yay! happy for her but it hurts; you know the drill) gave me a memoir/book to help me know I'm not alone. It's Tiny Toes: A Couple's Journey Through Infertility, Prematurity, and Depression and it tells it like it is. Kelly Damron provides an inner glimpse of the struggles of a family during infertility, premature birth, and depression that will touch anyone. Especially those of us going through it.

Springroll said...

Thanks, Liz, for the book referral and the insight. Sigh. I know how you feel about your girlfriend's baby - somedays it seems there's a baby for everyone but us, doesn't it? Please share your story with me - how long have you been struggling with IF? How are you holding up?

zabe77 said...

I haven't checked here in a while either! How did the baseline u/s go? I hope well... Did you hear about Ali? Just you and me now... sounds like 2008 is the year our old thread's gang... so I should really say, you and me next!