Monday, December 1, 2008

Party Pooper

Every kid's biggest nightmare is that no one will show up at their party. The invitations are sent, the balloons are all shiny, the chips and pop are out on the table, ready to be devoured. But what if only a handful of children show up - not even half of what's expected? It's the stuff that therapy sessions are made of...

Well, welcome to my life.

Yes, I had the ultrasound today - and not even half of what I expected showed up for the festivities.

Today's ultrasound showed that I have a whopping SIX follicles. Now, for those of you that have been following our plight, you will know that in my last cycle, I only had FIVE follicles. Hence, the conversion to an IUI, which led to the BFN, which led to the BCP, which led to the S-I-X. As the nurse describes it, my ovaries obviously don't want this as badly as I do. They are acting like they are 50 years old. They are lazy. They've retired to Florida. No wonder they didn't show up to party.

DH and I were hoping for - expecting, really - at least eight to ten follicles. Given the fact that I am maxed out on meds right now, you'd think my ovaries would be traumatized into producing more follicles! But nope - not my ovaries. They are giving me the royal f-you. "Pump us full of drugs, eh? Well, we'll show you!!"

The RE tells me that there's hope - it's still early in the cycle, he tells me. There's a chance that more will come, he offers. Then he patted my foot gently and told me to hang in there. What choice do I have?

DH and I decided over the weekend that we are going to go for it this cycle - even if we ended up with the same number of follicles as last time. It only takes one. So I am going to continue my stims for as long as the RE tell us to, then we are going to close our eyes and go on a wing and a prayer.

It only takes one. Just one.


Turia said...

That really sucks, Springroll. I'm going to hope that your ovaries kick into overdrive in the next couple of days. BIG hugs.

Mommytobe said...

Oh Springroll, I really hope that this works for you guys, and it's true, you only need one. My last IUI cycle we only had 1 mature follie even with all the gonal-f I'd injected but that was all we needed :)
Thanks for your support on the breastfeeding issue, I still haven't quite decided what to do but your words helped.
Big big hugs and positive thoughts being sent your way.

Jaja said...

Go for it! Why not? Hopefully a few more will show up, but just keep truckin on!

zabe77 said...

I'm sorry SR, I hope more show up soon. It does only take one though, so I hope the ones that are there are all you'll need. Sending you hugs and prayers.