Monday, February 23, 2009

Happy Anniversary!


I missed my one-year anniversary. I began this blog one year ago yesterday - crazy how time flies. I just went through some of my entries and I have such mixed emotions...sadness at all of the things that have happened...pride at our ability to weather the storm...disbelief at our lack of progress...hope that there are better things to come.

And here I am, one year later, without much to report. I am currently on CD26, waiting for my little friend to arrive. I am well into the "acupuncture groove", with my weekly appointments and my evening elixirs (Chinese herbal teas). My acupuncturist is sincerely trying hard to help us conceive naturally - she figures that we need to "try really hard" (her words) in March, because we will have had a couple of months of treatment and we should be seeing the effects. It's also the last month that I will be drinking the teas, since she feels that I should have all of the herbs out of my system before we start our next IVF cycle (so if we cycle in May, I need to stop the herbs in March so that I have April to "recover").

I am trying to read anything and everything that there is to read about the antagonist protocol and estrogen priming (which my RE doesn't know much about but promises he will learn more about to see if he can apply it to my situation). I swear I can be licensed to practice as a fertility specialist, with all of the reading that I have done. Do you think there's a market for "infertility consultants" anywhere?

Sadly, my RE has requested another HSG. For those of you familiar - do you feel my pain? I can't believe that I have to have another one done. I made the executive decision, however, not to have it done in March, since we are going to "try really hard" to conceive naturally. I don't want anything to interfere.

I have an ultrasound for an antral follicle count on March 10th. I was a little suspicious of this - I had read that antral follicle counts should be done at the beginning of a cycle (cycle days 1-4), but the radiologist's office was booking appointments six weeks in advance! How the hell was I going to time my appointment to coincide with my period?!? I called the fertility clinic (left FOUR messages before hearing back...but that's another rant...) and they have told me that antral follicle counts can be conducted at any time (um, okay...) if the technician is a good one. Then I was told that in my case, it's not going to matter much anyway (gee, thanks).

And finally, because I haven't had enough testing conducted, I have to go for another series of blood tests for HIV, Hep B and Day 3 FSH. Wow. Looking forward to it.

Well, that's the update. A pretty lame one, I know - but whaddya do? It is what it is.


rescogitatae said...

Hey Springroll,

Happy (?) Anniversary! Mine is not too far off either. Hard to believe we've been blogging away for a year (and ttcing for way more than that) and yet, here we are.

I know absolutely nothing about your new IVF protocol. But I will have everything crossed that it works. And I really hope the HSG goes smoothly. Apparently my f/s did another one while I was out during the lap- guess he wanted to take advantage of having me there!

Hang in there, hun.

Rebecca said...

Happy Blogoversary!

Cassandra said...

Happy Blogoversary!

Good luck with the IVF cycle!

Mommytobe said...

Ugh Springroll, I do feel your pain, hope the HSG goes well. Just think, when you are pg you will be an old pro at getting bloodwork done.
Wishing you lots of baby dust that March is your month :)

CJDR said...

Ugh, I'm sorry you have to have another HSG. That does suck! I dread the day I ever have to do another one....I cant believe that we have been doing this for a year either.
Good luck hun, I really hope March is your Month and you show that dumb fert. clinic! That will teach them to say dumb things ;)

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