Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Miracles of Modern Science?

Okay, wow.

Talk about an eye-catching headline - "60-year old Calgary woman gives birth to twins"!

This news, coupled with the recent story of a California woman (already a mother of six!) who had given birth to octuplets, makes me shake my head. Can these events be considered miracles of modern science, or examples of extremely poor judgment and unethical behaviour?

Infertile women all over the world are likely reeling from these stories - I myself have very mixed emotions. From what I understand, the 60 year old fellow Calgarian has been attempting to conceive for 43 years - I just can't imagine the heartache. But as hard as it is to give up the dream, at what point does the realization sink in that as a 60 year old, the capacity to provide for children is quickly diminishing? What will happen to those boys when their parents are too old to be active with them, or (God forbid) do not live a long enough life to see them through to high school graduation? What impact will this have on the boys' social development, as the reality of having elderly parents begins to weigh on them? At what point does one say "Enough is enough"?

As an individual who has been fiercely private about my battles with infertility and infertility treatments, I have to admit that one reason for this privacy has been the stigma that still surrounds it all. It is my perception that the general population lacks any real understanding of the intricacies of fertility drugs and treatment - I know that I was certainly ignorant to it all before I began my battles. And situations like this do not enhance awareness one bit - if anything, it creates false understandings and can perpetuate grossly negative judgments about people who need and undergo fertility treatments and the medical professionals that provide them. What a shame.

Sigh. It's too bad that these are the reasons that IVF is making headlines. Wouldn't it be infinitely better to read "Provincial IVF funding implemented across Canada" in your local newspaper? Now that's what would be newsworthy.

Okay - stepping gently off soapbox now...

On the personal front, I am currently on Day 12 of my second cycle "AFIVF" ("After Failed IVF"). My acupuncture sessions have been going rather well - I am with a new doctor, and this cycle, she has introduced Chinese herbs into the mix. I am going on a wing and a prayer that these sessions will improve my egg quality and ovarian functioning - she assures me that they will. She is also encouraging us to try and conceive naturally whilst waiting for our next IVF cycle...and DH is certainly having fun with that little sidebar!

By the by, hello to all of my friends. Sorry I haven't posted much - but there hasn't been much to say. Still praying that our little Miracle of Modern Science will show up soon.


Anonymous said...

My thoughts exactly SR!! I just hate the fact that IVF is making headlines for such irresponsible reasons. It makes it that much more difficult for those of us facing challenges, to be even somewhat understood. I don't tell alot of people how our girls were conceived, but I do share what I know when I feel the issue is misunderstood. I certainly had no knowledge a few years ago either and I am sure this latest press would have me thinking in a negative light as well.

With regards to your new cycle, yippee!! I am glad that you have started acupuncture as well. Although it didn't help me get pregnant on our "own" I truely feel it had a positive impact on my IVF cycle both physically and mentally. I pray that you have a great result. You deserve this so much!


Anonymous said...

Good to hear from you again, Springroll. As you saw on my blog, I'm pretty pissed off about the whole irresponsible use of fertility treatments.

I cannot possibly see how one could continue with failed treatments for over four decades. It boggles my mind.

I will be very interested to hear about your acupuncture experiences. I think if my lap doesn't show anything, it will be IVF for us and I will investigate acupuncture in the interim.

REALLY hoping this will work out for you. When are you hoping to start another IVF?

CJDR said...

Hey SR, I also 100% agree with you! It makes me angry that these things are being so misused, and there for even more misunderstood!

I also agree that a few years ago I didn't even know anything about infertility muchless treatments, and I think the paper reports should be used to educate people instead of this craziness.

Like BabyO said, I dont tell many people how my baby was conceived, BUT I wont hesitate to correct someone if they dont have their facts straight, or are rambling about IF when they haven't been there etc.

I'm glad your doing the acupuncture again. Like I had said before I really think it helped me. I truly believe in the ' real' chinese medicines and not the weird pills from before (you know what I mean ;)

Mommytobe said...

I too can't believe how fertility treatments have been misused and I think that instances like that are examples that the government uses to not cover treatments for those who truely need it.
Glad to hear you are on your new cycle, I really really hope that the accupuncture helps. My fingers are crossed for you, and toes.