Sunday, August 2, 2009


What a beautiful number.

This is what my beta levels were at when I went for the official test yesterday (15dp3dt). I worried much of the night that I would get a low beta result...which in my mind could reflect a weak pregnancy. But nope - my beta was 463, and the nurse said that it was a good, strong number.

How many times could I possibly express my gratitude - to God, to my family, and to all of my cyberfriends? This has been such a long ride, and now I am finally beginning to feel as though I get to be happy!

Our first ultrasound is booked for August 12, 2009 - that's when we'll find out how many babies there are in there! Right now, I'm just grateful to be pregnant - one, two or three is irrelevant to me.



Rebecca said...


That is the best news!

Anxiously waiting with you for your u/s!

zabe77 said...

Better than the winning lotto numbers eh? Big hugs sweetie!

Eileen said...

YAY!!! what a great number! Your u/s is the same day as my beta. I hope it will be a fabulous day for both of us!

Turia said...

Springroll, this is awesome news. I have been lying low this summer, but I couldn't not post when I saw this!


Mommytobe said...

That is definately a good strong beta, my nurse told me anything over 100 was good :)

CJDR said...

YAY!!! OMG SR that is the most amazing news I have heard in a LONG time!!! I was bawling as I was reading your posts! (As you can see i checked as SOON as I woke up)
I'm thinking twins too ;) Those are some good strong numbers. Enjoy these next 9 months, they go so fast. And you have waited for a long time for this. Man I'm SO happy for you :D