Thursday, August 27, 2009

Back to School!

Well, it was the first day of school today. So much whining, grumbling and crying - and that was from me!! All kidding aside, I do love the first day! All of the kids are excited to see their friends and meet their new teachers. There are new books to read and fresh crayons to colour with. Such a great time.

I have been literally run off my feet in this last week trying to prepare for the first day. My staff was in on Tuesday, and it seems I have been in meeting after meeting after meeting. But when the dust settled, and the dismissal bell had rung, it turned out to be a fantastic day! (Let's hope it turns out to be a great year!)

Unfortunately, despite my very best efforts to wear loose tops to disguise my burgeoning belly, I had more than one nosy parent and just a couple of nosy teachers asking me if I was hiding a bump. Quite frankly, I find this question unbelievably rude. Although I know that it is well-intentioned, the "asker" has absolutely no idea what is happening in the life of the "askee". What if the "askee" had been suffering through years of infertility (as in my situation) and they had just simply gained weight? What then? How would they feel if, in their quest for a juicy tidbit to gossip about, they caused great pain to someone else? The ease with which some people don't think twice about asking intrusive questions really makes me shake my head.

In any case - an update on my little "bump"...

We have nicknamed our baby Dim Sum. We went for an 8 week ultrasound yesterday, and there our little one was, tiny heart beating away at 168 bpm. We are so in love.


Anonymous said...

Congrats on making it through day 1back at school! An even BIGGER congratulations on another great appointment with your little "Dim Sum"!
People are very rude and intrusive and I know I never realized how much until I went through infertility and was hurt time and time again by insensitive comments. I suppose one of the upsides of going through this was realzing that many people are going through things that may not always be obvious. I like to think I am much more sensitive to others now and think twice before asking questions!

PS...I can't wait until you can show off that baby bump proudly! ?you deserve this so much!


Kate said...

Great news on the ultrasound results! Sounds like a fantastic heartbeat. Just wait till your next scan - it's even more awesome to see the wiggling/kicking. Though an 8 week gummy bear is damn cute too.

CJDR said...

I found the bigger you get the ruder the comments get too. People are nosey!!! BUT soon you can show it off with pride :)
I cant believe your 9 weeks already!!!! It does go so fast.
Any morning sickness yet?

Mommytobe said...

Hope you and little Dim Sum are doing well, I too can't believe you are 9 weeks already.

Kate said...

Thank you so much for your kind comment on my blog. I am so enjoying reading yours. You are giving me hope and inspiration. My prayers are with you and little Dim Sum.