Monday, January 11, 2010

I'm Going Crazy...

Okay, this is going to be a stupid blog to my IF friends who faithfully read my updates, I apologize in advance. To those newcomers who have stumbled upon my humble little blog, I don't blame you if you never want to read my blog again. But I am going crazy!

I can't decide what to do with the nursery. Quite simply put, I am overwhelmed. First of all, DH and I disagree a bit on what we would like to see - I would like something soft, understated, and "elegant" looking (for lack of a better word..) Here are just a few examples of what I love:

I really look the love of a handsewn quilt, and the above sets have them! The first set is called "My First ABC", from Kidsline, and the other two sets are from Pottery Barn Kids ("Cottontail Friends" and "Jungle Friends".

DH, on the other hand, would like to see as much colour as possible. Bright reds, blues, and greens. His favourite set is this one:

It's called "T is for Tiger". I don't mind it, but I don't love it - and shouldn't I love the room that we put little Dim Sum into? I have spent literally hours upon hours combing the internet looking for crib bedding that will appeal to me and appease my husband. And so far, we can't seem to agree on anything.

Told you this was a lame entry.

P.S. For those wanting a good deal, check out Baby Supermall. Their prices are amazing! For example, the T is for Tiger set is being retailed at our local children's store, E-Children, for $270.00, while the fine folks at Baby Supermall have it on for $138.00. You can't beat a $140.00 savings!!

P.S.S. 28 weeks and counting!


Kate said...

I'll probably win the bad mother award. But I have no interest in making a cutesy nursey, and want something that will last for years.
The paint will stay the same colour as most of the rest of the house (a light yellowish-green), the dresser will be our old Ikea one with a changing pad on top. There will be my old twin bed in there for me to sleep on in a pinch, or for her to move into when she's bigger. Our bedding is plain white. No bumper, no quilt, no nothing. The crib is white. I may end up making my own quilt for her at some point (if I become supermom and suddenly have a lot of time). Or if I get totally bored, I might dye the sheets at some point. The room will get my old stuffed animals and an old wooden rocking chair, and that's that. A couple pictures on the walls, but nothing too babyish or cutesy.
Of your three, I like the bottom pic the best (love the colours). I also like your DH's choice.
And I like stuff that's pretty gender-neutral, in case we're lucky enough to have a son some time in the future.
I think I'm a bit of an anomaly though, with my lack of excitement about room decor. I'm more excited about my fancy new stroller and my soon-to-be baby! I figure she'll never remember her baby room anyhow.

Mommytobe said...

I was lucky DH let me pick out whatever style of bedding I wanted but I waited until I totally fell in love with one. We too are using an old Ikea dresser with a change pad on top, works great and less furniture to store/get rid of later. I love the lavender and pale green walls and must admit the room is more for me than DD :)

CNC said...

Hi SR! It's been a while since i posted on your blog...but i just had too because i feel your pain! My dh and I have not agreed on the nursery at all. We both wanted understated and neutral. But he wants LACE and Frilly Dilly, and neutral.

Dh wanted to keep the walls the same color - taupe. I don't mind the taupe, i just would have preferred a lighter shade and then have an accent wall of purple stripes or something.....

DH wanted Italian Bedding from Florence that cost us close to $500......we searched EVERYWHERE to find bedding...

and in the end.....i succumbed!

The nursery is the same color taupe (freshly painted mind you); we bought italian bedding from Florence (but cheaper one at $250.00); and we haven't decorated with any color...YET!

Unfortunately for us, we still don't know for sure if it's a boy or a girl! Decorating the nursery was worse than picking a stroller....but nothing will be as bad as us trying to settle on a NAME! Uggghhh lord help me!

Take care my friend...i would love to know what you decided on!

CJDR said...

Hmmm I like your top and bottom choices and I like your DH's.
Our nursey is jungle too, but in more browns and beiges then what your dh chose.
I remember how excited I was to decorate the baby room, and I totally understand your problem!! I think you should pick something you love too, you will be spending alot of time in it....but also just know, my room didn't turn out how I wanted it too but it still looked so good with the crib and change table in it anyways.
Good luck!