Saturday, May 22, 2010

Five Fast Facts about....Mason!

Where do the days go?

I have a beautiful baby journal that I have yet to begin writing in. A blog that I haven't posted on in weeks. Feet that are screaming for a pedicure. A house that desperately needs tidying. Cheques that need depositing. And a husband that needs a little lovin'.

And all because of a little man named Mason.

Here are five fast facts about my little monkey -

1. He has the hiccups at least once a day. This was the way it was when he was in utero - I constantly felt the reverberation of hiccups in my tummy. Poor little thing - when he was littler, he couldn't hiccup and cry at the same time, so whenever he had the hiccups, we popped him into his bassinette to sleep. He couldn't fuss - because of the hiccups - so he just fell asleep instead. Awesome.

2. He hates naps. I have the darnedest time putting him down for a nap during the day - he figures there's waaaay too much fun going on around him. Never wants to miss out on a thing. So he wails and wails and wails - and the little tears streaming down his face rip at my heartstrings. So I end up picking him up for a cuddle. Sigh. Sleep training going out the window...

3. He has a funny little way of checking to make sure you're still around when he's falling asleep. He opens up one eye (usually the right one) and takes a peek. He's been doing this since he was born - I noticed it when we were in the NICU. Cutest thing EVER.

4. When he is trying to do something - lift his head during tummy time, get out of his swaddle, etc. - he makes these tiny little grunting noises, like he is really trying hard. He is such a determined, strong little guy. He's been able to hold his head up since he was a week old, and he's got powerful little legs that love to kick and press. He's going to be a great athlete one day.

5. He is a mama's boy. He knows my voice, loves my singing. Cuddles right into me. Finds comfort in me. Looks deep into my eyes and smiles at me from the very core of his little heart. When he is tired, he will fuss and fuss with anyone else, but the minute I hold him, he stops. And sighs. And relaxes his body into mine. And at that very moment, I know that all is right with the world.

Slowly but surely, our routines are getting established. I am trying to get Mason on a schedule, but it's hard. Even though he's only 2 months old, I can't help but panic slightly - "...he's already 2 months old and we haven't got him on a schedule?!?"

Everything revolves around his feeds - and since I am no longer waking him up at night to feed him, his feed times change everyday because he doesn't always wake up at the same time in the middle of the night to nurse. Hence, the difficulty in scheduling him.

In my heart, I know that it will all happen in due time. Best for me just to enjoy every single second with my little lovebug.


Kate said...

I'm feeling the same 'what, no schedule yet' panic. Hope we can both work it out soon!

Mommytobe said...

So don't worry about a schedule or sleep training he's much much too little for that yet. Just enjoy.