Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Waiting Game

I know I said I would post soon after the "Big O" (...no, not orgasm....or ovulation, for that matter...I'm talking about the Big Operation!) but I haven't really had the chance to until now. Let me start off by saying - the surgery was just fine. Of course, I was incredibly nervous and stressed about the whole thing, and as I lay in the OR "waiting area", waiting for the anesthetist to show, I started to cry. I was feeling so lonely because my DH wasn't there to hold my hand. Then I had to snap out of it because the anesthetist showed up - and lo and behold! It was someone that I knew - and he numbed my hand before sticking in the IV. Next thing I knew, I was wheeled into the OR, and then the lights went out...

I woke up an hour later, feeling rather refreshed. My ob/gyn was right - it was like having a couple of martinis and a full body massage!! I am so thankful that I had a fantastic doctor and terrific anesthetist to help me that day.

So now the waiting game begins - I have to figure out my cycles again and patiently wait for my period to come again. I am worried (...okay, when am I not worried?) that my period will be delayed. I am eager for it to arrive, as I have to phone in my period start dates to the clinic whilst I sit on the IVF waiting list. What if a delayed period equals a delayed IVF start date??

I spotted a teeny bit after the surgery for a couple of days, then it stopped. Then it started again. I read somewhere that periods after a D&C can be very, very light - "blink, and you might miss it!" Does the spotting mean that my period has come? Gawd - how tiresome. I hate that I still can't figure out my body.

On other fronts, DH and I remain highly optimistic that we will conceive naturally - some say that fertility increases after a D&C...something about a cleaned-out uterus? In any case, the RE on the Canadian IVF forums board that I also post on tells me that a "successful polypectomy can improve fertility substantially..." and that "an endometrial biopsy or hysteroscopy alone can improve implantation rates in subsequent cycles..." DH and I are really keeping our fingers crossed that this will be the case for us!


Jennielynn said...

Hi Springroll,

I am so glad to hear that everything went well. I was really starting to miss your posts.
I am happy to have you back.
My fingers and toes are crossed that you can do this naturally.
Good Luck!

Springroll said...

Hey Jennielynn -
Good to hear from you too! I'm glad you wrote - guess what? I have to give my beautiful diaper bag away!! It's a long story, but a close girlfriend of mine had a baby boy last month and I am throwing her a shower - she's asked for a large, trendy diaper bag and I can't seem to find one inside my budget!!! So I think I'll give her mine...but I'm going to try and find another one or buy one from EBay...
Hope you are doing well, too. Talk to you soon!