Wednesday, December 1, 2010

December Already!!

Where does the time go?

I can't believe that it's December already - and that I haven't posted in almost two months. Quite honestly, I have been beating myself up over that a bit lately. I get into these moods where I worry that I haven't documented Mason's life enough - haven't taken enough pictures, recorded enough in his baby journal, captured enough video footage. And then panic sets in when I realize that it'll all be over in a flash and he'll be one and I'll be back at work, missing the milestones as they appear. I don't know if these tumbled-together thoughts are hormonally-driven or not...regardless, I hate feeling this way. I know I should be enjoying my time with him and putting less pressure on myself...but you know how it is...gotta be the perfect Mama, right?

Anyway, we have had a terrific winter and Mason has grown by leaps and bounds. Two weeks ago, he graduated from sitting in his Bumbo during mealtimes to sitting in a highchair. He looks so tiny in it. Love it. He's fascinated with the seatbelt. And sometimes he rests his head on the tray and sucks on the edge. But let me tell you - it's great having him in that highchair - especially when I am preparing his food or cooking dinner. I can pop a few toys on his tray and he sits nicely to least for a few minutes anyway!

Last week, he said "Mama" for the first time! Actually, it was more like "Mamamama". Now, granted, there is no assurance that he was using the word in reference to me (in fact, I'm sure he wasn't!) - but I loved hearing it all the same. Sigh. My little lovebug. The same week he learned how to clap his hands and he does it often now. Funny story: we were snuggling in bed together the night before last while I was watching the evening news, and a commercial came on for the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. He watched it - and then began to applaud! This made DH laugh and laugh - "That's my boy!" he exclaims proudly. Could there be more testosterone?

We have embarked on our journey to find childcare for him for when I return to work next year. Ugh. I am really struggling with this. It hurts my heart to think of leaving him in a daycare or dayhome. I had found a local dayhome that specialized in caring for babies (taking 12 - 24 month olds), which I thought was a fantastic idea - until several people I spoke with balked at this, commenting that taking up to 8 babies (which is what they take) was far too much and that the two caregivers could not possibly look after all of those babies properly. Hmm...yes, good point. I was thinking more from the perspective of Mason having plenty of little ones his own age to play with...without recognizing that 8 babies in one spot was indeed quite a handful. Sigh.

So we have just begun looking into the possibility of hiring a nanny - but to be honest, I have no idea where to begin (*if anyone has any advice...I could really use some!!) I have heard a lot of horror stories about nanny agencies, so if at all possible, DH and I would like to screen and hire on our own. But what are the logistics behind having a nanny? What are we responsible for? Do we make deductions for income tax, CPP, etc.? Do we make sure they are licensed/bonded? Do I even know what I am talking about? No. So, please comment with info and help if you can...

Our little family is headed to Maui next week for a little rest and relaxation before Christmas...and I am SO excited! DH and I have birthdays one day apart, and every year we usually escape to the mountains for a romantic getaway. This year, however, DH suggested we take an actual trip, considering I am off and we won't get this opportunity again. So he asked where I wanted to go, I said "Maui" - and boom! We're off to Maui. Yippee!!

For those that still read this little blog - Happy Holidays. May your home and hearts be filled with magic and more love than you have every known. May the New Year bring every happiness, and may your families experience good health and good fortune. Thank you for being there...



Anonymous said...

Mason is growing so quickly but it sounds like you're treasuring every moment :) Thanks for the update, too cute about Victoria's secret, hehe, such a boy! That's so exciting about Maui, yay!

Dh and I are now in the 'could be any day now' stage. If estimates are right it could be between now and February really but you never know!

Merry Christmas to you and yours. May 2011 be just as blessed as 2010. xoxo zabe

Anonymous said...

SO good to hear from you! Your boy sounds like such a joy. I love hearing about him.

Good luck on the daycare/nanny issue. I have no experience at all, so will be very interested to see what you decide. I have one friend who has gone the home daycare route for her youngest, and a French preschool for her eldest, and another friend who has a nanny for her two boys. I can see advantages to both.


Allison said...

Finding childcare is difficult and going back to work is even worse! I'm hoping to find a university student to come in and take care of my boys when I go back to work again. Honestly, look on kijiji for people who are interested in nannying (is that a word?) Do you know any people with kids who are in grade twelve this year and might be interested in doing childcare for a year (or longer?) As for all your other questions, if you hired someone like a Filipino nanny through an agency then you'd have to pay all those things. If you hire someone to give childcare I don't think you do. Wish I had more info for you.

Kate said...

We have a full-time nanny in TO. Looked about 6 weeks ahead of when we needed her and put an ad on Had about 60 applications, talked to 15 on the phone to sort out who to invite for an in-person interview. Interviewed 3, offered the job to 1, and we love her. Email me offline if you can if you want more details. We pay income tax and CPP and WSIB for her. Lots of people don't pay WSIB, but it's supposedly mandatory if they work more than something like 24 hours a week for you.
Happy Holidays to you too!

Anonymous said...

There are so many steps to procuring a nanny that I highly recommend using an agency. They will help you through the steps! Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on Mason! super cute! I was on the forum the other day and now I cant find your had mentioned that you took royal jelly and coq10 for your successful ivf, can you tell me where you bought your royal jelly and how much you took of each? Thanks. I'm going to be doing my final and 3rd ivf at foothills and before this we were unexplained but now because none of the embryos resulted in a pregnancy now they think its my eggs. Any suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks.