Saturday, December 25, 2010

Life is Good...Part Two

What a day...

It was pure magic, from the moment my little one opened his eyes and smiled up at me from his crib, to the minute I put his tired little head down for the night. My baby's first Christmas. Wow.

After a hearty Christmas breakfast of cereal and fruit, we began the daunting task of opening the many presents that lay under the tree for him. From grandparents to Mommy and Daddy to Santa Claus, Mason was definitely spoiled. He seemed to love each gift that was shoved onto his lap for ripping open, and patiently posed for a million photos. And, of course, we discovered that the most expensive toy in the world doesn't compete with the intrigue and fun that a Christmas ribbon brings. Mason had more fun with the tissue and bows than some of the trinkets he got!

After a "pretend nap" - during which he pretended to sleep but was really rolling around in his crib, giggling (as witnessed on the video monitor...), we hauled him up for Round Two of gift opening. Yes - he had so many presents we had to divide the opening into two parts. But when the dust cleared and the last bit of gift wrap was ripped away, it was all too much for our little prince and, though I'm sure he didn't want to leave the action, he actually fell soundly asleep for a little afternoon nap.

The evening brought a visit to his Auntie's for a big family Christmas dinner - where he was once again spoiled. How could one tiny little person have so many toys?

My Christmas prayer today was that my baby boy always feel this much love - and that he is always surrounded by family who will care for him and shelter him. He is, by far, the greatest gift that I have ever been given. No gift receipts necessary. He's my special edition, priceless treasure that will be cherished for a lifetime.

Merry Christmas, Mason. We love you!

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Egg Bank Mommy said...

What a wonderful gift. Here's hoping your Christmasses just get better and better.