Thursday, December 16, 2010

Happy Tears

My baby crawled for the first time today. And after I ran to get the camera so that I could record this precious moment, and then shot about five minutes worth of footage, I sat beside him and cried.

Happy tears.

My heart was so overwhelmed with love for him at that moment - it's indescribable. I know what you're thinking - how cheesy! And yes - I totally agree! Those happy tears took me by total surprise. But in these past nine months ( God, yes, nine months...doesn't time fly??) I have had a lot of these moments when I burst into happy tears spontaneously, my heart filled with joy and amazement.

This is my son. This wonderful, amazing little creature, that smells of baby powder and lavender, who smiles and coos and kicks is my son.

Somedays, I have to shake myself to know that it's not a dream. Most days, I say a silent prayer of thanks to God for His gift. Everyday, I look into my baby's eyes and tell him how much I love him.

Life is good.


Mommytobe said...

Way to go Mason. I know what you mean about happy tears, sometimes just walking down the street feeling my daughter's hand in mind I find myself blinking back tears. I still can't believe that I'm a mom and am raising this amazing, spunky little girl.
Merry Christmas, don't forget to block access to the tree now that he's mobile. Baby proofing begins again :)

Kate said...

Great news on the crawling. Still none here!
PMd you on

Anonymous said...

Love this post. Love how happy you are.

Anonymous said...

So HAPPY to hear! You are an amazing Mom to a beautiful little boy. Life is good and I am so happy that happy endings do come true:)