Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Okay, despite my best efforts to lay low, I can't help but pop on here to write about how these past few days have been for me...

DH has been in Montreal on business, so my wonderful, amazing, fantastical parents came to stay with me so that they could help take care of me! They have been so sweet - my Dad has cooked for me and my Mom has helped me in different ways, whether it's been doing my laundry or helping to empty to the dishwasher. They've also been chauffering me around, because my Mom firmly believes that the stress of driving in Calgary (...yes, for all of you Calgarians out there, you know how terrible our traffic and infrastructure is!!) is not good for the embies. So I've been pampered and spoiled beyond belief. The best thing so far? The fried egg sandwiches that my dad has made me for breakfast. Healthy? Nope. But good? Absolutely!!

I've been feeling great, aside from some slight constipation issues. I attended the wedding on Saturday of one of DH's best friends (DH was in the bridal party), but only the reception in the evening (so that I could rest during the day). I even snuck in one slow dance with my incredibly handsome husband (don't tell my Mom!!) and left early enough to still feel well rested. The rest of the days have passed by without much to comment on - couple of naps here and there, some trips to the grocery store (with my Dad to hold the basket) and lots of time spent on the computer just surfing and reading about what I should be doing post-transfer.

One thing that has been different is the cramping - I have had cramps on and off since the transfer. The cerebral side of me knows that it's simple the side effects of the progesterone and estrogen that I am pumping myself full of right now. The emotional side of me hopes that it's because our little Musketeers are snuggling in and getting ready to put a down payment on this womb-for-rent.

Ah, the Musketeers. I talk to them every day, encouraging them to stick around. If I am not mistaken, it's implantation time right about now. I am wishing with all of my might that there is magic happening right this very minute - and that God has blessed us with one or two little ones.


Eileen said...

Thinking good thoughts for you! I hope those embies are snuggling in and getting real coizy right about now. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I think a few of them are making themselves at home right now! It sounds like you are doing everything possible to make this one a success. You will be such a great Mom! Its sounds like you have 2 fantastic parents to model from.


Mommytobe said...

It seems to me that you are doing everything possible to help your little embies grow. I wouldn't be surprised at all to find our you are carrying twins :)
Hope the rest of your time is just as enjoyable.

CJDR said...

I was sitting on the edge of my bed tonight, putting Colton down, and I had the urge to sit and pray for your embies. I'm not a huge prayer, and cant promise anything will come of it, But I truly, Honestly believe that God was listening. SR I really really hope this is it for you guys, this journey may have been a long one, but its gonna be over really soon (atleast thats what I asked God for) Your gonna be such a great Mama, and I know those babies are listening to you. Keep taking it easy, and take care of yourself.
I had to come and see if you updated because I cant stop thinking of you right now.