Saturday, July 11, 2009

"Stim"-ulating Conversation...

Well, here's another update, recorded for posterity!!

I went for another ultrasound this morning to see how my wee follies were faring...

Right ovary - 1.75 mm and 1.8 mm (no, I haven't lost the third's sausage-shaped, squished between the other since we had a measure of it yesterday already, the RE figured she wouldn't measure it today. She says they'll drain the other two, and the one in the middle will likely spring back into shape and they will proceed with draining it...)

Left ovary - 1.4 mm and 1.7 mm (yes - can you believe the growth in that little one? Good news indeed!)

So the big decision of the day was whether or not to trigger me tonight. Given the issues presented with my last cycle, I was really worried that my bigger follicles (and subsequent eggs)would be rendered useless at retrieval time and didn't want to sacrifice those for the sake of nudging along my littlest follicle. The RE met with the embryologist before making the call, and together they have decided that I will stim for one more day and trigger tomorrow night. They are worried that my 1.7's won't be mature enough and they will not be able to fertilize. They think that this is the best decision to make in order to maximize the number of eggs they can work with.

Obviously, I trust the RE's expertise, but cannot help but worry about my two bigger follies. I am hoping and praying that they hang in there and that all will be well on Tuesday when we suck those little guys out.

In other news...

A good girlfriend and I went for a massage yesterday afternoon - and let me tell you, it was heavenly. I so enjoyed it, and so needed it!! I was completely tight and tense in my upper back, shoulders and neck and was scolded by the therapist for not getting massages more regularly. Perhaps it's what my little follie needed in order to shoot up! This girlfriend is getting ready to give birth to twins this weekend - yes, this weekend!! She is pregnant with girl/boy IVF twins and is anxiously awaiting their arrival. Perhaps yesterday's massage also got things moving with her!

Please say a prayer for me and my little follies tonight...



Anonymous said...

Oh SR! I am SO excited for you! I have been away and missed all of your recent updates. Your eggs are sounding great this cycle and you are definetely in my prayers! You are one strong lady and it sounds like you are doing EVERYTHING to make this cycle a success...and it will be!
I will be checking in everyday this week to see how things go.

~Baby-o (Raeanne)

Mommytobe said...

SR hope you had a happy trigger day and I'll be thinking of you tomorrow :)