Friday, July 17, 2009

Welcome Home

Well, the three musketeers have a new home now.

We had our transfer today at noon, and were thrilled to be shown a picture of three (what I consider perfect!) embryos (though I'm sure the RE and embryologist may disagree slightly...) We have welcomed home a robust 9-cell embryo, a beautiful 8-cell embryo, and a dainty little 4-cell embryo.

They did comment that our little guy at 4 cells is still slightly behind, but that it may catch up. They were described as good embryos, and our RE told us that if we were looking for perfect embryos we would be disappointed because they appear far and few between. And then the embryologist reminded us that sometimes perfect embryos don't become babies later on. So the mood was definitely one of optimism - especially encouraging since our RE tends to be such a pessimist!! DH and I are over the moon...

My bladder was full today, but not painfully full as it was the last time I did a transfer. Our RE did an amazing job of talking us through each step and pointing to the ultrasound screen to show us where my uterus was located and where the catheter was, and he pointed out the exact moment that our embies entered their new home - it showed up as a little bright glow on the screen. Magic.

My amazing acupuncturist showed up to give me a session before the transfer, then stayed to give me a session post-transfer. She is such an incredible person and we are so grateful that she made herself available to us like that! Her enthusiasm and positive energy really added to the overall optimistic mood and DH and I left on such a high.

So now it's a waiting game. DH has already kissed his "babies" a dozen times and I have had a great day of rest. I continue to thank God for this - and will continue to pray that these little babies snuggle in for the long haul.

Dearest friends - thank you for your support. Given that we haven't told many of our "real time" friends, your words of encouragement mean so much.



Mommytobe said...

Oh SR, I'm so excited for you guys... sounds like today couldn't have gone any better.
Sending sticky baby dust your way :)


zabe77 said...

Wow SR! I'm so happy/excited for you! Grow little embabes, grow! Sticky sticky baby dust, xo

Rebecca said...

So very excited for you!!! I love reading the description of your transfer. It sounds like it was a magical day indeed.

Sending your little embabies lots of sticky growing vibes!!!

Anonymous said...

Woohoo! Your embryo report sounds great!! I am so glad you had your acupuncturist with you for transfer..I think you have the same one as I have..? She is FANTASTIC and I truely believe she helped my little babes stick with me!
Welcome home little embies!! Make yourself comfy, you have 9 mths to go:)


Jennielynn said...

Oh Springroll .. I have goosebumps! I am so happy and excited for you. Sending lots of sticky baby dust to you!

CJDR said...

SR, I was on holidays and came on as soon as I got bakc to see how you were. Look at what you've done in the last week! I just am praying my little heart out for you and your little embies today! This entire post was giving me goosebumps! Here come your twins ;) xoxo