Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Update - and it' a Good One!!

Retrieval went just fine yesterday - the most painful part was the application of the needle for my IV drip. The RE who conducted the retrieval is partial to inserting the needle into the side of the wrist - and seeing as I have small wrists (zero flesh on them!!) it hurt like a bitch!! I actually dropped the F-bomb when she was done - then immediately apologized. Terribly embarassing. Oh well - I hope she understood!

Anyway, she had given me some Gravol along with the painkillers, so I was terribly drowsy during the procedure (this didn't happen during my last retrieval - I was so much more alert. Which may or may not have been a good thing, since the last retrieval yielded such bad results!) Before I knew it, they were done (all I can remember is feeling the RE gently poking around my right ovary, doing what I can only assume was a double-check...) and I was being wheeled into the recovery area. I was completely out of it.

The good news: Six eggs recovered, five mature enough for ICSI. I made a specific point about asking the embryologists who came out to see me what condition those five eggs were in, and they said that the eggs were good - one of them even piped up that he was a "hard marker". I immediately thanked God for His blessing and went home much happier than with our last retrieval.

DH and I have been on pins and needles, waiting for the call from the lab on fertilization. Again, the news was good -

Of the five ICSI'd, three have fertilized!!! One of the five fertilized abnormally, and another did not survive the night. The three remaining do not show any immediate signs of being poor in quality, but it is still early (the embryologist reminded me!) so tomorrow will be quite telling. I was so happy that I almost started to cry - we have three embabies, and I continue to pray that they make it to Friday, when we have our transfer.

The embryologist has recommended that all three go back in - to which I wholeheartedly agreed. Friday cannot come soon enough - please keep those prayers coming.

Thank you to all of you wonderful girls who have posted your support...more updates soon!!


Rebecca said...

Congrats!!! I will be waiting anxiously with you until your transfer!!! Sending you the best of luck prayers!!!

Anonymous said...

OHHH SR...i am SOOO happy to hear that your E/R went better than expected, as well as a GREAT fertilization report!

I was wondering how your E/R went and I was glad that I found your blog!

Hang in there...get lots of rest and we are all praying for you and your embies!

Please keep the faith - don't ever give up on them!


Anonymous said...

I am in tears just reading your great news! I can't imagine how emotional I will be when you get the BEST news in...two weeks? I am praying for your little embie babies. I know how you are feeling now and I have my two "embies" on my lap right now;)


Mommytobe said...

Woohoo! 3 little embies, I'm so excited for you... just think you could be having triplets :)

Jennielynn said...

Oh Springroll, I am so happy for you .. I have been waiting for your update!
Sending you lots of positive vibes and many prayers.

zabe77 said...

I'm so happy for you!! Yay! Good luck for Friday!